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Bloober Team has recovered the costs of making The Medium less than a week after its release.

As reported in Money.pl (thanks, Gamespot), the horror studio has sold enough copies of the slow-burn horror to recoup all development and marketing costs, even though it’s a Xbox Series X console exclusive and is available for “free” for subscribers of Xbox Game Pass.

The horror game’s lack of combat and jumpscares has polarised critics and fans alike, but nonetheless, it’s the studio’s biggest and most ambitious project to date.

“Yes, Marianne’s world is one of duality – good and evil; heaven and hell; life and death – but there is little negative to weigh down Bloober Team’s lofty ambition,” I wrote in Eurogamer’s The Medium review.

“Even though it substitutes scripted scares for an unsettling atmosphere instead – something I fear not all fans will be happy with – The Medium is the studio’s most successful, accessible offering yet, and a sign that Bloober continues to improve, mature, and innovate.”