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A woman duped her ex-lover into believing she was expecting his child by wearing a fake baby bump and sending his mum fake scans and fictitious hospital appointments.

Jaclyn McGowan kept up the cruel pretence for nine months as she tried to make Jamie Aitken’s family believe she was carrying his child.

Perth Sheriff Court heard the 36-year-old repeatedly approached Jamie’s relatives to discuss her “baby” and turned up at his brother’s workplace appearing to be heavily pregnant, Daily Record reports.

But McGowan from Rattray, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, had purchased a fake baby bump which she was wearing under her clothing at the time.

Her deception was so detailed that she had even given the non-existent baby a name and was discussing due dates with various people.

On Friday she admitted that between 1 June 2019 and 29 February last year she engaged in a course of conduct which caused fear or alarm to a man and members of his family.

The court heard she sent Jamie a picture of a cot and requested he give her £300 to pay for it, and advised him that she was having miscarriages.

She sent him numerous messages to say he would play no part in her baby’s life and then she contacted his mum Wendy Aitken.

McGowan told Mrs Aitken she was pregnant with her grandchild and sent scan photos and details of fictitious pregnancy-related appointments to her.

McGowan, who had a very brief relationship with Jamie last summer, told his mum her son would not attend pre-natal appointments with her and that her grandson, was going to be called Noah, and was due to be born on 28 March 2020.

She carried on the act by telling Mrs Aitken she would be able to play a part in bringing her ‘grandson’ up after his birth.

McGowan targeted other members of the family and told Jamie’s brother Corrie Aitken that she was carrying his unborn child.

She admitted turning up at Corrie’s workplace – Ryze Trampoline Park in Dundee – and telling him that he could ‘play a part in the boy’s life.’

McGowan, who was not present in court, admitted turning up at the trampoline park ‘whilst wearing a prosthetic baby bump.’

Solicitor Mike Tavendale told the court: “She now enters a plea of guilty to the amended charge. Looking simply at the terms of the libel, this is a case which will require reports.”

He said his client had a number of issues, while fiscal depute Lisa Marshall confirmed that McGowan had no previous convictions.

Sheriff Neil Bowie said: “I can see it is an unusual charge in itself. Sentence will have to be deferred for a criminal justice social work report.”

McGowan, who had appeared and pled not guilty at an earlier hearing, was ordained to appear for sentence next month.